TORCHY was born in Brooklyn in the summer of 2014 and made its debut performance in June 2015. Dive Records released the band’s first single, “Red Light Camera,”  in June, followed by “Permanent Record” in September. TORCHY returns to the stage with a Halloween dance party on October 31.


Torchy The Battery Boy: Vocals, Guitar, Blinding
Sparky The Dragon: Guitar, Electrocution
King Dithers: Bass, Royalty
Pongo The Pirate: Drums, Pillage


The 13th Floor Elevators, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, The Fall, The Saints, Iggy & The Stooges, Fire Engines, Contortions, Pell Mell, This Heat, League Of Gentlemen XTC, Feelies, Can, Pere Ubu, Talking Heads, Butthole Surfers, PiL, Bush Tetras, Mission Of Burma, Velvet Underground, Fela, James Brown, The Horrors, MBV, Tinawaren, Bo Diddley, The Ex, Wharton Tiers, all the goddamn great music you can think of & others too numerous to mention

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